Guilt-Free Bottle Feeding is a new home for bottle-feeding and mixed-feeding families.

A mixture of practical advice, debate and shared experiences, it aims to show families who are unable to exclusively breastfeed, or choose not to, that they can raise wonderfully happy, healthy and smart formula-fed children.

The book ‘Guilt-Free Bottle Feeding: why your formula-fed baby can be happy, healthy and smart’ is co-authored by Madeleine Morris and paediatrician, Dr Sasha Howard.  It expands on all the issues discussed on this blog, and devotes a chapter to reviewing the scientific evidence behind the purported benefits of breastfeeding, revealing that much of them have been overhyped.

You can order on Amazon here.

Guilt-Free Bottle Feeding has no association with any formula or baby-care company – that means we get no money, no advertising, no freebies, nothing at all.


About Madeleine Morris

Madeleine MoMM colour headshotrris is an award-winning journalist.   In her 12 year career as an anchor and reporter at the BBC she reported from over 20 countries, interviewed people ranging from Kofi Annan and Cherie Blair to impoverished Indian farmers.  She has written for the Times, the Guardian, the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age.  She now reports for the ABC’s flagship television current affairs program, 7.30.

She started researching formula feeding when she was unable to exclusively breastfeed her own daughter, and saw her new mum friends overwhelmed with guilt when they too couldn’t breastfeed.  That lead to a book and now a website, and a whole lot more time spent reading about breasts and bottles than she ever thought possible.

She lives in Melbourne with her husband and her three year-old.


About Dr Sasha Howard

Sasha Howard is a pediatrician with a special interest in paediatric endocrinology. Sasha works as a NHS pediatrician in London and is currently also completing a PhD in the field of childhood growth and development. She has professional experience of looking after many newborn infants and new mothers learning to feed their babies, but is also a mum to a young daughter and infant son.

Sasha is an advocate of breastfeeding whenever possible, but in her work has also seen first-hand the consequences, both physical and psychological, of unsuccessful breastfeeding for babies and their parents. She herself struggled to exclusively breastfeed and experienced the difficult decisions many mothers face when considering the choice to bottle-feed their baby.

Sasha has published in peer-reviewed journals including ‘Archives of Disease in Childhood’ and ‘Hormone Research in Pediatrics’, and presented her academic work at international scientific conferences.

She lives in London with her husband, three year-old daughter and newborn son.


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  1. Garry Wainscott
    Oct 02, 2014 @ 10:09:00

    Congratulations upon your new book! I agree wholeheartedly !!
    Garry Wainscott, Specialist Nutrition Consultant, Perth, WA
    Author of “How to Choose a Baby Formula” and “Pregnancy Nutrition. A great start for Baby”


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