You are not a bad mother if you can’t breastfeed!

Guilt-Free Bottle Feeding: why your formula-fed baby can be happy, healthy and smart is a game-changing book for women who aren’t exclusively breastfeeding.

In a world full of mom-shaming which has left women riddled with self-doubt, Morris’ research changes the playing field with evidence that goes beyond the broad statements about the breastfeeding that we’ve become so accustomed to believing… Guilt-Free Bottle-Feeding is an incredible resource for birth professionals and mothers that is long overdue.”

– Randy Patterson, founder and CEO, ProDoula

For decades mums have been told that `breast is best’, that breastfeeding is the single-most important thing we can do for our children. Despite this huge pressure on modern mums, the vast majority of us end up using formula. And we feel guilty.

In Guilt-Free Bottle Feeding award-winning journalist Madeleine Morris and paediatrician Dr Sasha Howard challenge the simplistic message of `breast is best’, revealing what everybody knows, but nobody says out loud – that bottle fed babies can grow up to be perfectly happy, healthy and smart.

With a thorough yet accessible analysis of health science, parenting sociology and the modern media, the authors provide a balanced, much-needed and long-overdue voice, showing mothers who don’t exclusively breastfeed why they are not failures.

A mix of political and practical, Guilt-Free Bottle-Feeding also offers comprehensive, unbiased advice on feeding, including:

– Choosing a formula, and choosing a bottle
– Sterilising and preparing a feed
– How to promote bonding while bottle-feeding
– Moving from breast to bottle, and mixed feeding

In an era where the pressure on mums is greater than ever before, Guilt-Free Bottle Feeding resets the conversation around infant feeding, supporting all families regardless of how they feed their babies.

This is not an anti-breastfeeding book. This is an anti-guilt book.

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Guilt-Free Bottle Feeding has no association with any formula or baby-care company – that means we get no money, no advertising, no freebies, nothing at all.

About Madeleine Morris

Madeleine Morris is a reporter for the ABC’s flagship current affairs program, 7.30.  In her two-decade career she has reported from more than 20 countries.  She was an award-winning anchor and reporter at the BBC for 12 years before returning to Australia, and has written for the Time, the Guardian, Sydney Morning Herald and Huffington Post.   

She lives in Melbourne with her husband and two daughters.


About Dr Sasha Howard

Sasha Howard is a pediatrician with a special interest in paediatric endocrinology. Sasha works as a NHS pediatrician in London and has a PhD in the field of childhood growth and development. She has professional experience of looking after many newborn infants and new mothers learning to feed their babies.

She lives in London with her husband and three children.


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  1. Garry Wainscott
    Oct 02, 2014 @ 10:09:00

    Congratulations upon your new book! I agree wholeheartedly !!
    Garry Wainscott, Specialist Nutrition Consultant, Perth, WA
    Author of “How to Choose a Baby Formula” and “Pregnancy Nutrition. A great start for Baby”


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