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‘Frank, smart and much-needed’  – Suzanne Barston,

You are not a bad mother if you can’t breastfeed!

In a world full of mom-shaming which has left women riddled with self-doubt, Morris’ research changes the playing field with evidence that goes beyond the broad statements about the breastfeeding that we’ve become so accustomed to believing… Guilt-Free Bottle-Feeding is an incredible resource for birth professionals and mothers that is long overdue.”    

– Randy Patterson, founder and CEO, ProDoula

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Buy the UK edition at Amazon (ebook available)

Buy the Australian edition at Booktopia or Bookworld  (ebook available)

US readers buy at Amazon (ebook available)

Guilt-Free Bottle-Feeding is required reading for the Infant Feeding Specialist certification of Pro-Doula (  This IFS training has been approved for 17 hour Continuous Education Units by the American Nurse Association

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